Preserving history, remembering Butch

Our warmest thanks to Bob and Mary Price for donating this stunning Wayne Hiller painting of Skyliners’ legendary Drum Major, Butch Anderson, to the New York Skyliners.

Butch Anderson is best remembered as the flamboyant drum major of the New York Skyliners throughout the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. He joined the Skyliners in 1970 as a soprano player and returned in 1972 as assistant drum major. Butch’s musical journey began in the fourth grade and continued through high school. His legacy includes roles as a solo soprano player, horn instructor, and show coordinator with the Skyliners.

Over the years, Butch played with various corps, including the Schuylerville Green Sabres, the Interstatesmen, and marched as drum major with both the Marksmen and Syracuse Brigadiers. He was also a horn instructor for many corps, including the Pittsfield Skyhawks, Pittsfield Pom Poms, Saratoga Hurricanes, Emerald Knights, Muchachos, and Johnstown Patriots. His contributions to the Skyliners were pivotal, especially as show coordinator, where he helped institute the “Law, Order and Justice” contest in Albany, NY.

Bob shared that his mom, Bertha, was a huge Skyliners fan and especially loved Butch. They bought this picture for her, and are now passing it on. Over the years, they attended many shows with Bertha, creating cherished memories.

Thanks again for your generosity, Bob and Mary! We’re grateful for your donation and preservation of Butch’s legacy. We will cherish this piece of Skyliner history for years to come.❤️

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