During a very busy “off season”, The Skyliners have continued to assemble a formidable and experienced design and instructional staff. In October, it was announced that Timmy Allen, the Visual Caption Head for 2018, was promoted to Staff and Ensemble coordinator. “I am really looking forward to my new role”, said Timmy. “Building on the things we established last year is exciting, and with such a solid foundation returning, and some fantastic additions, we just can’t wait to get going”.

Returning for 2019 is the world class design team. “Because they have worked together on several projects, the group is very cohesive and efficient”, said Jeff Crawford, Director. “They also have a great understanding of what is effective for the Skyliners, and are currently putting the finishing touches on an exciting 2019 program.”

Some additions for 2019 include a new visual caption head, Tim Moshier, and a new guard caption head, Mary Meyer. “They are young, talented, and very energetic”, said Timmy Allen, “I am sure they will complement our group, and they are a perfect fit for the culture we are building”.

For a complete list of our staff, including brief biographies, check out the staff pages on our website.

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